The Spirit Universe
A Christian View

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Book Description

The Spirit Universe by Pastor Jerome Jochem will be an invaluable addition to your paranormal or Christian Library. It is truly a unique book because it covers a wide range of topics including the application of scientific method to the paranormal, types of spirits, the human energy field, the nature of heaven and hell, the psychological dangers of occult methods, the effect of such techniques as hypnosis, the role of mental illness in the paranormal, what is a ghost, how do spirits become ghosts, how to establish a deliverance ministry, how to get rid of a tormenting spirit, and a chapter that gives Christian answers to common paranormal questions. This list of topics is by no means complete and only touches on the material covered in the 30 chapters of the book. This book is an excellent recourse to have on hand when advising or counseling those in the occult or who have had negative paranormal experiences.

While everyone who reads this book will find it both informative and useful, those who are sensitive to paranormal phenomena will find it extremely useful for understanding their gifting and destiny. Pastor Jochem calls such sensitive people "hypersensitives" and discusses the ramifications of their ability from its impact on their sexuality to their self identity.

While some of these topics were addressed in his blog, Pastor Jochem has reorganized and expanded upon the posts, and has added new material to the book including several tests to determine the degree of sensitivity to the spirit universe,  new answers to recent questions about the paranormal, and new stories concerning his experiences while a practicing psychic and spirit medium. The expanded and new content will not be published in the blog and is available only in the book.

In addition to the spiritual aspects of the paranormal, the book also deals with a scientific approach to research in the field. Pastor Jochem considers the methods and limitations of science, ethics of ghost hunting and deliverance ministry, and effects of illusions and human perception.

The book is based on a Biblical analysis of the paranormal, and is independent of the dogma and doctrines of any denomination or church group. Because his conclusions are based on Scripture, this book is an excellent resource for any Christian wanting to learn more about his faith as it relates to the spirit universe. The book is also focused on drawing its readers who are involved with the paranormal and occult to the Lord Jesus. It illustrates the amazing gifts of the Holy Spirit as they relate to those who have accepted the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It would make a great present for someone struggling to find spiritual meaning in life.

What Others Are Saying About the Book:

By Laurie H.
I have only read the sample provided here so far, but it has been enlightening to finally read something that is written from both a clinical and Biblical perspective. Just recently I have been toying with the idea of the "paranormal" (scary stuff like ghosts and things) and maybe, just maybe there might be something to it. I have learned that the things I have been scared of in the past is due to my ignorance and so I decided to do some research. This book is right on time for that because it gets to the very heart of the matter.

By Lonnie M

What I really liked about your material is that it gives more reliable spiritual answers to questions that I have had for many years. I sought those answers through paranormal channels but still felt that something was missing so I kept looking. I felt satisfied after reading your work that I had gotten many of those answers that I sought. I believe that soon we will face a spiritual epidemic of people experiencing paranormal phenomena and only the power and authority of Jesus Christ flowing through His holy anointed warriors will be able to bring deliverance to these tormented people. I know what it is like to be harassed by evil spirits and to feel helpless so I want other people to experience that same help and deliverance that I received from God. Your book helped to add to my foundation of knowledge in order to prepare for this soon coming spiritual war.



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